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Cost of Care
Preparing for the cost of caring for your
Loved One

As the average life expectancy increases, the cost of long-term care for aging parents increases with it.    Depending on the level of care required, the costs can vary significantly depending on the service received.  The search for care and assistance can become difficult and stressful for adult children who are now  the caregivers to their parents.

Choosing the right care provider is an important decision however, the more care a senior requires the more expensive the care. There are options. 

Ballpark figures for 2015 average the costs below:

Home Care Aide:  $20 hr (160 per day)
Assisted Living Cost: $119 per day ($43,000 yr)
Skilled Nursing Home:  $220 per day ($80,000 yr)

We've provided a couple of sites with 

AARP provides a Long-Term Care Calculator to help with your plans and budgeting.