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Signs your elderly parent needs care


9. Neglecting personal hygiene, dirty clothing, unkempt hair

10. Exhibiting inappropriate behavior, being unusually loud, quiet, paranoid, agitated, forgetfulness, misuse of alcohol or drugs

11. Unusual purchases.  Multiples of  same items, entering unusually large number of contests, purchasing an unusually large number of items.

​12. Changes in eating patterns, losing or gaining too much weight

It's possible your parent simply needs some Personal Care assistance with daily activites. Consult with her physician if your level of concern rises or you fear for his/her safety.

You can find a wealth of information regarding aging parents and their special needs, programs available, financial assistance if qualified.  

Caring for a loved one can be stressful so it's important you care for yourself and your family as well.  

We have a list of resources you might find helpful.

As our parents age, we need to be aware of any changes relating to their physical, social and psychological well-being. This is easier for some more than others as many aging parents live alone and sometimes a long distance away from their adult children.  It's often difficult to detect any changes over the phone. It may be helpful to stay in contact with her friends, family or neighbors and provide them with the following signs to watch out for.
Here's a list of possible signs your aging parent may need help

1.  Changes in their regular routines or relationships. No longer enjoys gardening or walks.

2.  A cluttered, disorganized or unkempt home.
3.  Forgetting or unwilling to take medications or missing doctor's appointments.

4.  Spoiled food in refrigerator or no food. 

5.  Unpaid bills

6.  Constantly mentioning misplacing items

7.  Scortched pans, pot holders or dish towels

8. Brusing from falls or tripping

​9. Repeating the same questions or telling you the same story multiple times during the same conversation