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In-Home Care versus Nursing Home or Assisted Living
With more Americans living well beyond their 70s, more adult children are now left in a position where they have to be caregivers for their aging parents.  The stress of finding the right care provider, extra financial burden on top of the concern for their welfare can be difficult to handle.

Today's seniors can enjoy a wide range of choices in what their life will look life in the years to come. Seniors who are still-active and simply need assistance to maintain their routines will benefit from In-Home care. 
What is In-Home Care?

In-Home care is personal, non-medical care and assistance for your elderly loved one provided in their own home. Assistance can include help with dressing, feeding, toileting in addition to activites like cleaning, cooking, and laundry. Your loved one will be able to maintain their independence.  A Helping Hand providing assistance and companionship makes it possible for them to ramain living at home longer, providing them with a greater quality of life and a more positive outlook.  In addition, In-Home care is significatly less expensive than Assisted Living or a Nursing home.

Benefit 1:

Comfort:  Studies show 90% of elderly individuals do not want to move into a nursing home.  Allowing them to age in the comfort of their own home surrounded by their possessions, pets, memories and near their friends will go a long way in maintaining the quality of life they deserve.

Benefit 2:

Companionship:  Aging is difficult and a lack of companionship, friendship and bonding can take a psychological and physical toll.  A conversation, a friendly touch, a chance to talk to someone when they go out for a walk, and knowing someone cares will go a long way in keeping your loved one healthier and happier

Benefit 3:

​Cost-Effectiveness:   In-Home Care will provide your loved one with  one-on-one, personal care.  The additional benefits of helping to maintain their home, help with cooking and cleaning means greater value for every dollar.

Benefit 4:

 Assurance:  Knowing there's a professional caregiver in their home, certified in CPR and First-Aid providing regular updates will provide you with peace of mind.

Benefit 5:

Security:  Personal Care Assistants are background and reference checked.  They are certified in CPR and First-Aid.  We are fully insured.